What it takes to make a podcaster happy

First of all, it's been a HELL WEEK.
My nephew got me blitzed on absinthe over the weekend.
My son got into a car accident (he is unhurt).
I broke my phone to smithereens.
I lost all my show information on my computer and so therefore
Had no show for this week and let down bands that I told would have their music featured.
I got in a fight with someone very close to me (my fault).
For awhile I lost all my phone contacts and thought it was permanent. 

Then tonight I was talking to my friend's husband about The Metal Deli and how I do it for free. I realized as I talked about it how crazy it sounded -- that I put in these crazy hours for no money at all.

But then a band put my name in their liner notes and you know what? The hours, the traveling to/from shows.......... in an instant I realized how MUCH I LOVE PODCASTING. I LOVE WHAT I DO. I love the bands I meet, I love playing their music, I love it ALL. Yes it would be nice if someday TMD made money but if it never does I will still have PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT!!! I can say I built this show and that people see how hard I work and they thank me in the greatest way possible, by putting my name on their own very hard blood, sweat, tears and PRIDE.

I am going to sleep with happy tears in my eyes.